Leaking Taps

having an issue with your taps?

Did you know that on average a leaking tap can waste over 9,000 litres of water per year, and adds unnecessary costs to your water bill.

Your taps may need to be repaired if:

  • They are dripping.
  • They leak from the handle, pipe, or point of connection.
  • The taps that are not opening or closing completely
  • The washer, ‘O’ rings are broken or worn out.
  • The tap or pipes are broken or cracked.
  • The tap was installed incorrectly.
  • The taps make strange noises when being opened or closed, such as a pipe knocking sound.

When repairing taps all the parts need to be working together to prevent any leakage not only from the outlet but the tap spindles themselves.

At Denaro Plumbing we have the right tools, skills and years of experience behind us replacing or repair your leaking taps. We always include a full tap service and replace the ‘O’ ring and spindle to ensure your tap is in sound working order.

If your tap cannot be repaired we can offer you a range of replacement options.

Having issues with your tap?

How to Change a Tap Washer

1. Turn off the Water

Locate your mains and turn it off. Test the tap by turning it on to make sure it is really off.

2. Empty the Tap

Even after turning off the mains, there may still be water in the pipes. To avoid making a mess turn on the tap and let the remaining water run out. 

3.Dismantle the Tap

Place a cloth or plug over the drain in the sink to avoid losing any tap parts. Undo the head nut, it is usually under the cap marking the tap hot or cold. (This will also depend on the type of tap you have).

4.Change the Tap Washer

In some cases, you will be able to clearly see if the tap washer is broken or split, but it may just be worn – which is harder to spot. Remove the old washer with your fingers or a small set of pliers and replace with the new one.

5. Put it Back Together

If the tap spindle appears to have seized apply some tap lubricant or Vaseline on both the threads and spindle and put the tap back together.

6. Turn the Water Back On

Make sure the tap is turned all the way off and go turn the water mains back on. If your tap is still leaking you may have underlying issues and best call an expert from Denaro Plumbing.

Contact our reliable staff today to speak to us about how we can fix your leaking taps.