Burst Pipes

having an issue with your Pipes?

Burst pipes in the home or workplace are one of the most common plumbing problems. Pipes can burst for a variety of reasons, so it is essential that you take note of a few key points:

Individual Isolation Valves 

Speak with us about installing individual isolation valves for your fixtures. A valve under your ensuite basin means that if the tap fails or service pipe bursts, you are able to isolate the water to that one fixture, and not have to shut off the water supply to the entire property. Being able to quickly and easily turn off the water at one point also mitigates the emergency, and allows you to schedule a convenient time with us to get the repair sorted.

Do you have a burst pipe?

Do the following IMMEDIATELY:

  1. Switch off the water supply to the leaking pipe either from the main supply at the front of your properly, or at the individual isolation value if these have been installed.  
  1. If the leak or burst pipe is close to electrical appliances, switch off the electrical mains immediately.

While you are doing the above, have someone call us, so that a qualified plumber with the right equipment is on the way immediately. We are open for plumbing emergencies 24/7, and service all areas of Adelaide so you can count on us to be there as quickly as possible.

Denaro Plumbing’s highly experienced technicians will fix the leak and replace the damaged section of the pipe, will recommend a course of action and provide a quote for necessary works.

Not all leaks are obvious, making it crucial to catch and repair a leak as soon as possible before significant damage is done, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Water leaks are not always a torrent of water pouring out from under a sink. Constant wet patches around the yard can be the sign of an underground burst pipe as can water constantly running from your stormwater drain during dry periods. Things to look out for include:

  • Damp or discoloured carpets (especially in areas near wet areas).
  • Discolouration on either walls or ceilings
  • Soft or muddy areas in the yard
  • Damp and musky smells
  • A dripping sound
  • Flaky paint
  • Poor water pressure
  • Hissing noises behind walls
  • Unusually high water bill

All of the above are signs of a leak, but keep in mind that not all water leaks are plumbing leaks. The water could also be coming from a leak in the roof or around a window. Either way, leaks should be addressed promptly to reduce the risk of water damage.

At Denaro Plumbing, we would rather assist you in solving a problem before it becomes an emergency. These situations can be expensive, inconvenient and upsetting when they occur.  Here are some general plumbing hints and tips to ensure your plumbing system is working effectively and efficiently:


  • Make sure you know where the isolation valve is for your property. These are normally located just outside the property boundary in a domestic house, but can be in any number of different locations in unit or townhouse complexes. If you live in a unit or townhouse, and you are unsure of where to find your isolation valve, speak with the other residents or ask your real estate agent or body corporate representative. It is important that you know how to shut off the water in case of an emergency, to reduce the damage done by a burst pipe.


  • Preventative maintenance is often overlooked, but can save you potentially thousands of dollars in the long run. Visually inspect any braided hoses that you may have connected to taps, toilets & washing machines. These can rust out & perish over time & are a major cause of water leaks in properties. If yours are looking worse for wear call us ASAP.


  • Try to get an idea of where any underground pipe work is located in your property. A relaxing day in the garden can very quickly turn into a nightmare if a garden fork or crow bar finds its way through a pipe. You should also be aware of where any electrical or gas mains are located on your premises.

Contact our reliable staff today to speak to us about how we can clear your blocked drains.