Blocked Drains

having an issue with your drains?

If you notice that your drain is emitting a foul smell, draining slowly, or if you observe a change in the flushing of the toilet, you may have a drain blockage.

Blocked drains are quite common and can be caused by a by a variety of issues including material build up, foreign objects, soap or hair build-up, or tree root obstruction. Calling a professional plumber is the safest approach – trying to remedy the problem yourself with a supermarket drain cleaner has the potential to cause more damage to your plumbing system. The chemicals within commercially available drain cleaners can speed up the corrosion process, and can push blockages further into your pipes rather than removing them completely. 

Your blocked drain may require more than a plunger and if not rectified, can cause flooding, damage to your home and even structural damage if the blocked pipe begins leaking.

At Denaro Plumbing, our team are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to get your pipes flowing smoothly again. Using a thorough process, we will inspect your pipes, explain any damage or blockages, and offer viable drain cleaning solutions that will restore your pipes to normal operation.

Having issues with your drain?

How Does it work?

1. Locate

Before we commence unblocking your drains, our technicians will use the latest technology via a drain camera inspection to get an inside view of your pipes. It’s important that we understand exactly where the blockage is located and what type of debris is causing the problem. Through the CCTV drain camera inspection, we can identify the exact location of your blockage and whether the cause is minor or major. We then discuss the best solution for the problem with you.

2. Unblock

Our hydro jet drain machine is a highly effective way to clear identified blockages. Water is pushed through a rotating head with multiple jets to ensure even the most stubborn build-up in your pipes is thoroughly cleaned. Hydro jetting is powerful enough to cut through blockages, build-up and tree roots that have invaded your plumbing.

3. Test

Finally, we make sure that your drain has been completely unblocked through flushing water through it.

Contact our reliable staff today to speak to us about how we can clear your blocked drains.